About Us

Now a days people are running by watching seconds to seconds. They do not have at least 5minutes to see what’s going on the entire world. After attending all the daily routine, a man completely getting stuck up between his mobile to enjoy in his own world. Between these all he totally forget to read or to see the document which comes in his home or many a times people were going on vacation and again and again local vendor comes and go just to give the bill like newspaper,internet or cable bill but due to absence of person he have to return.

After analyzing all these common problems face by general people i-billingpad introduce the app for local vendor as well as the customer to pay or to receive their bills like newspaper, internet or cable by just in one click. It gives the modern way for all local vendor to interact with their customers with current techniques.

Further, i-billingpad gives the oppournity to all local vendor to join or connected with us and expand your local boundaries. Because most of the app concentrate only on larger or the bigger organizations. It is hardly seen that app is concentrate only on local vendor but i-billingpad share the fully concentration only on local vendor.it gives you simpler, faster, more flexible ways to pay your local bills.