If you are a service provider or if you are running any local business, here is the right click to solve all your basic problems like:

  • How to download theI-billingpad app?
    • I-billingpad can be downloaded from the google play store. You can click here to download the app.
  • What's the cost of I-billingpad?
    • I-billingpadApp is absolutely free. No charges for the end user.
  • Who is vendor?
    • Vendor are different local service provider like Newspaper, Cable, and Internet.
  • How will Vendor set the reminder for user?
    • There is separate admin panel for them, where they can login and create the reminders for end user.
  • How much vendor will have to pay?
    • Different plans are available please contact us to get a customize quote.
  • I am not receiving mail alert from I-billingpad
    • Please check your spam folder and add no-reply support@techaroha.com to your contact list. If still having the problem, please submit the feedback form with the email address.