Payment of Newspaper Bill

Many a times a person come at your house for collecting the bill of newspaper. But as we know that many people are working and can’t able to available 24x7 at home so it’s rarely possible to pay the newspaper bill on time to time.For such problem I-billingpad provide the best solution to avoid such situation. Its gives you to pay your newspaper bill by just installing the app and without maintaining any records, directly pay your bill at anywhere at any time. For vendor also it is the most beneficiary solution to avoid the effort and time, and receiving your dues on time to time. Because I-billingpad provide the notification to customer by way of email, sms so it will help them to remind theirdues and make it pay in easy way.

Payment of Internet Bill

Internet service provider provides you the internet packs according to your depending upon the period of packs like month to month, 6month renewal or it may be 1year data pack. Many a times we forget to pay the bill due to forgetfulness and it will added the automatic renewal of pack and bill gets double, to avoid such situation i-billingpad gives you best solution to remember the due dates and pay your bill on time to time.It also helps to the internet service provider by recording all the contact details of the customers depending upon their types of internet packs. According to that it will gives the reminder to their customer and make them alerts to pay their dues on specific saves the time to go on door to door and collect the dues from customer whereas it also benefits to customer to avoid to carry the bundles of sticky notes.

Payment of Cable Bill

Again like a local vendor, Cable service provider plays vital role to provide local cable services at many societies, building and maintain all these records in once a time get very hectic. Therefore document reminder analysis the problem and come up with the solution for maintaining the proper list of customers and remind them to pay their dues on time to time. It also helps customers by getting alerts from vendor, they get to know the proper time to pay the bills.