For Vendor

If you are a service provider or if you are running any local business, here is the right click to solve all your basic problems like:

  • Delay in receiving the payments.
  • No face to face interaction for telling the queries.
  • Unavailability of facility for givingthe bills.
  • Collecting the payment from customer.
  • No modern techniques for local vendor.

Then i-billingpadfacilates you following benefits:

  • It provides the facility to remind the customers about their pending dues by giving the notification via SMS, email.
  • Vendor do not need to go door to door for collecting the payment amount.
  • It saves the time as well as it gives the modern touch according to current situation.
  • The app is specially concentrate on local vendor like newspaper, cable, internet etc.
  • The Receipt will raise directly into the customer email or customer app. app supports save papers and go for technology.